The Multimedia eBook is mightier than the Unmanned Drone Military Aircraft

Alex Paramo

I just heard a report on the Ed Schultz radio program that Russia now owns the distinction of being the country with the most college graduates. What country do you think it surpassed? If you guessed the U.S. you are woefully incorrect (Canada). In case you have not heard, the U.S. is falling behind in every important measurable category for some time now. Middle class, working class and working poor Individuals that are fortunate enough to attend and earn a degree of higher learning most often end up in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Additionally, public primary education in the U.S. is being under-funded. This monumental shift in our society’s value toward education will have terrible ramifications on our country in terms of employment and the fight for a live-able wage. Of course I don’t believe my friends, neighbors and fellow citizens de-value education at all but rather our “representatives” are in the process of wholesaling our natural resources (in this case our human resources) to the highest bidder(s). Take a look at this chart to get an idea where our tax money goes:

As the graph shows, military spending (58%) dwarfs education spending (4%). Personally I would rather my tax money go toward education and a healthy society, than sending hundreds of billions dollars toward building bombs that destroy buildings and spread bloodshed, chaos and catastrophe. As you should know, the U.S. Congress puts forward a budget and the President either signs it or vetoes it (disagrees with it and sends it back for modification). We must elect individuals that truly support education; by reallocating resources toward rebuilding our fractured public education system, by bringing down costs of tuition, increasing financial aid, by eliminating usury and predatory student loans and thereby making a top-quality education affordable for all! My friends do no want to see our nation turn into a nation comprised of unskilled laborers being paid wages that force them to receive government assistance (as Walmart employees are forced to). My neighbors believe in the future of our country by current investment in our children by reallocating funds from the military to education. My fellow citizens know that books (multimedia eBooks) are more powerful, more important than Unmanned Aircraft of destruction.


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