Embracing Ingenuity

Alex Paramokids-around-computer

I have been reading a very interesting book, Born to Rebel, that looks into birth order and it’s role in shaping your personality in terms of whether you will accept revolutionary change or reject it. Sort of like living during the time of Ferdinand Magellan during his circumnavigation of the world: some believing that he was to meet his death at the edge of the flat world, while others embracing the idea of the relatively new theory (already known by many indigenous peoples) that the world was round. What camp would you fall into? According to Frank J. Sulloway, author of the above mentioned book, your receptiveness to new theories, ideas and innovations is greatly dependent upon your birth order.

The idea of embracing new ideas and in my case specifically, the adaptation of new methods of experiencing a book, has been bouncing around my head for some time now as I push my friends and their friends to embrace the new technology. The research shows that eBooks, and in my case, multimedia eBooks, are moving into the mainstream at a steady pace (see the article by TV Technology Host Manoush Zomorodi for a concise explanation of multimedia eBooks). There are a lot of wonderful folks who are traditionalists when it regards how they read. They prefer the “traditional” print version. There is something to holding a printed book that is nice but the advantages of eBooks are clear;

  • The ability to incorporate multimedia – more art-forms and therefore collaborate with more artists. This gives more local artists, writers, photographers etc, more exposure and the opportunity to make a living off of their creative work.
  • A 7″ tablet can hold thousands of books, which in turn can save public space and actually expand libraries and attract and retain younger readers. Due to increasing limitation of our resources, multi-sensory learning through the use of multimedia is the present and the future. Some benefits can be found here.
  • Digital distribution and marketing allow for ALL the collaborators to share the majority of the profits! “Traditional” print publishers take the lions share of the profits (typically 92%)., Print on Demand Outfits are better than traditional publishers but still take around 75%.
  • Saving Trees!! – despite what the big corporations might tell you, deforestation is still occurring at a disastrous rate! While planting more trees helps, prevention, by reducing the amount of trees needed to cut down in the first place, is always best!embracing-ingenuity

Sulloway’s research shows that firstborns not only embrace conservative – “traditional” thought, they vehemently oppose heterodoxy such as; desegregation, gender equality, marriage equality, etc… Makes sense that I am the purveyor of new ideas and systems, I am the youngest of three (or is it because I am an Aquarian!?! Seriously though, don’t get caught on the wrong side of history when it comes to multimedia eBooks with it’s new learning and teaching tools. Keep yourself and your children up to date regarding this exciting new medium that has unlimited potential!


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